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All Practice Tests Updated for D6.5

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Great news! All practice tests other than DocApps (which only applies to pre 6.x versions) have been updated for Documentum 6.5. New questions are also being added. The updated tests are clearly marked with 6.5. You will also see that each question will show a unique code, which will facilitate discussion and issue reporting.

Give back to the community

ImageCommunities truly work when people give. Of course, communities are formed when there are benefits to the members. Members derive benefits because some others are providing those benefits. Some are able to give before they have benefited and others give afterwards.

Please share if you have tips about how you prepared for the exam, which resources were most effective, or even how dm_cram could be potentially improved to serve the community better. It doesn't matter if you have never written anything before; others will be thankful for any useful information you share. You can get started right away.

Johnny Gee reviews Documentum Content Management Foundations

Johnny Gee


Johnny Gee is a well-known Documentum Guru who helps out Documentum community via various forums and regularly shares his wisdom through his blog. Here he reviews the book - Documentum Content Management Foundations.  The technical errata that he mentions below will be posted on the publisher's site. Enjoy! 



I normally don’t review books, but the author personally asked me to provide an unbiased review of his book. Given that this is the first book dedicated to EMC Content Management certification exam AND there are plenty of new Documentum developers asking about the certification process, I thought why not.


The book covers the same topics that the Documentum Technical Fundamentals class covers. The author does a good job explaining various Documentum concepts in layman’s terms. I especially like the use of “checkpoint” at the end of each chapter to test your understanding of the concepts and the inclusion of relevant DQL queries throughout the book. If you are having difficulties understanding the security model or how workflow works, the chapters covering these topics are exceptional.


The main problem I have with the book is the lack of a common theme behind the examples used throughout the book. The examples jump from courseware to resume submission to book development. It wouldn’t have been that much harder to develop a uniform story and it would definitely reinforce the learning process.


Would I buy the book myself - probably not, since I have worked with Documentum for over 10 years. Would I recommend it to a friend? Probably.


Besides the few technical errata I found in the book, I feel that this book would benefit anyone who has less than a year of experience working with Documentum. If you have worked with Documentum for a while, but are wary of taking the certification exam, the two practice exams included in the book are illustrative of the actual exam.


Readers' feedback about the book can be found in the discussion forum or read it here.

Why get certified?

At one time or another you may have gotten into a debate whether certifications are worth anything. Starting this discussion on dm_cram may be prejudiced because most of the visitors here probably have some interest in certification. I was a complete cynic about certifications until I took my first certification exam. And then it changed everything.


The process of preparation humbled me as I learned how much I did not know. I came out much more knowledgeable through the process of preparation. I see bragging rights as another benefit. (if it is a benefit at all) I am not sure if it is a big factor in job prospects, I don't have anything definitive on that. You may be a believer or not, but you can share your opinion - What is your reason?

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