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ImageCommunities truly work when people give. Of course, communities are formed when there are benefits to the members. Members derive benefits because some others are providing those benefits. Some are able to give before they have benefited and others give afterwards.

Please share if you have tips about how you prepared for the exam, which resources were most effective, or even how dm_cram could be potentially improved to serve the community better. It doesn't matter if you have never written anything before; others will be thankful for any useful information you share. You can get started right away.

About EMC Documentum
EMC Documentum is the leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. Read the Gartner Report on ECM here.

EMC Documentum is a content management platform along with a suite of over 50 products that enhance the platform. There are numerous third-party products that run on this platform or integrate with it. This complexity of the platform makes it next to impossible to individually conquer even a small portion of the aspects of good Documentum solutions. There are already a few user groups that help the community resolve tricky issues with real-life implementations. dm_cram is one such effort to bring the community together to learn Documentum with a different approach.
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