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Fighting Spam on dm_cram
Over past several months, you might have noticed posts in dm_cram forums that had nothing to do with Documentum. We have seen spam bots registering and posting spam in spite of the email verificaiton step in the registration process. We have been meticulously watching the forums and cleaning out the spam posts to keep the forums relevant and useful for our community. However, it is a limited defense and wastes everyone's time and effort on the clutter introduced by spam posts. We are glad to announce that automated spam-blocking measures have been deployed on dm_cram.

CAPTCHA Security
dm_cram now uses CAPTCHA security on various pages, including the registration form. This feature is intended to distinguish between humans and scripts. It asks the user to enter some letters shown on an image. This image intentionally looks "unclean" but users should be able to figure out the text by looking at it. If it looks confusing, you can click on the speaker icon to listen to an audio clip, which contains words starting with the letters shown in the image. Numbers are pronounced as numbers.

We realize that it is a small amount of additional effort for the genuine users of the site. We also believe that most users will gladly expend that effort to avoid wasting time on junk and clutter. If you have thoughts or suggestions in this regard, please use the contact form to help us improve dm_cram.   
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