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E20-120 Exam Revised for D6

Starting February 15th, 2008 E20-120 (Content Management Foundations) exam has been updated for Documentum 6 (D6). The new exam description and a revised practice test are available at the EMC site. Please be sure to visit the exam page for an updated description and a practice test if you are going to take the revised exam.


A quick look at the new exam description reveals the following:

  • Presets are included
  • Relationships are included
  • UI changes for Webtop/DA are assumed to be included
  • Aspects and property bags are not mentioned (even though these are not mentioned in the exam description, Hadley's comment below suggests that they are included in the syllabus)
  • DAB is still included though D6 is supposed to replace it with Documentum Composer

The recommended training still points to Technical Fundamentals of Documentum 5 though a newer one seems to be available that includes presets, for example. This might just be an oversight.

Thus it seems that there have been minor updates to the exam for D6. However, only time will tell the real extent of changes. We will add practice questions to dm_cram based on the description of the newer training course.


Some discussions have already been started about the revised exam on the dm_cram discussion forum. If you have information that can help the community, please visit the dicussion forum


We will update the tests and other resources on dm_cram to reflect the new syllabus.

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hadley   |Registered |2009-03-20 14:56:29
Aspects are included !
Prachi   |Registered |2011-11-22 07:50:36
E20-120 exam's syllabus upadated for Documetum 6.6 ? (or 6.5 ???)

IF yes
then, what are those new chapters which are included ??

Thanks in advance
P K   |Manager |2011-11-23 00:04:22
avatar Please see the new post on the home page which lists the new topics. You can
always get the latest info on the exam page on the EMC site.
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