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DCMF Book Review Clarification

In his book review for Documentum Content Management Foundations, Robin East points out an error in the Architecture chapter - the DFC/DMCL on the Content Server should not be involved in server-side of communication. The following extract from EMC Documentum documentation (page 53 of Documetum 5.3 System Development Guide) shows server-side DFC on the communication stack though not on the path of communication. However, DMCL is very clearly shown in the path on the server side.


Robin has written an insightful explanation of how DFC works, which you must read for valuable practical insight. A correction regarding server-side DFC has been posted on the errata page.


how a simple client application accesses objects in repositories. The steps are:

1. The application on the client machine performs a method call through DFC (EMC | Documentum Foundation Classes), EMC | Documentum’s object-oriented application programming interface (API), and the DMCL (Documentum Client Library), which reside on the client machine.
2. The DMCL performs a remote procedure call across the network to the DMCL that resides on the server machine.
3. The DMCL passes the method call to the server.
4. Using the document (doc_a_meta) or a server method’s metadata (meth_b_meta) in the RDBMS, the server identifies the document (doc_a) or the server method (meth_b) to be executed and executes the method call on it.
5. The server returns the required information (for example, an error message or doc_a) to the application on the client machine.



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