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Reader Reviews - Documentum Content Management Foundations (v5.3)

Several readers have shared their opinions about the book - Documentum Content Management Foundations, in the discussion forums. These comments have been collected here for easy access. Edits, if any, are demarcated with [ ]. Click on any category to see the comments within.


"Passed E20-120 with great score: 100%. As intermediate-level Documentum professional I found the E20-120 exam very challenging and your book was enormously helpful during my prep time. All in all, I have found your set of questions very brain teasing, rich and well thought ... Your book evidently boosted my performance. Furthermore, your book revealed many bottlenecks in my knowledge and significantly helped me to eliminate them, one by one, in time effective way. What I fancied was your clear, concise, focused writing style and the content of the book structured in manageable and digestible chunks. ... and now I am motivated to go for E20-405. Pawan, keep up the good work!" - Andrei

"I wrote the E20-120 exam yesterday and got 83%. Bought Pawan's book for preparation. It was good and gave some focus and direction to the [preparation for the] exam. The scope of the exam matches the areas covered in the book. ... Thanks to Pawan for the EMC Content Management Foundation book." - Jay

"I just read the book to get an idea on where the focus of the exam would be. And for that purpose the book is excellent... All in all, I would recommend the book to anyone who wants to pass that exam, and also to people who are new to Documentum and want to understand the basics." - Marcel


"Passed the exam with 93% scoring .. thought of sharing how I prepared .. Initially I started with Documentum manuals .. they were too bulky, elemental and verbose.. then I came across Pawan's book (bought it from amazon) which was concise, and built for the exam. There are questions at the end of each lesson and also two practice tests at the end of the book which are grinding" - Venu


"Thank you Pawan for such an all-in-one book! It was really very helpful for me while preparing for this exam and will be helpful in future for finishing the basic DCTM skills as well." - Amol


"I prepared just for a week's time AND SCORED 88%." - Lakshminarayanan.R 


"I passed the E20-120 exam today ...Pawan's book is your bible for the exam. Read it well and solve the practice tests at the end of the book a couple of times ... Pawan - Thank-you for your book. It has been a great learning experience and I had fun while learning and preparing effectively for the exam. For a person with very little/no practical experience on Documentum, this book is god's gift." - Artz 


"I started preparing with Pawan's book first and then Documentum materials. I feel it made a huge difference cos concepts are very clear in Pawan's book and I don't think we'll get a better book than this for understanding Documentum fundamentals ... Don't go for exam without seeing the two practice tests. Thanks a lot Pawan." - Mouli 


"I have cleared E20-120 with 90%. Thanks Pawan for the best book for certification ... Pawan please publish a book for D6 ... " - Jayanti

"Cleared E20-120 Exam... Thanks Pawan, your book provides a great help for this exam."  - Parvinder

"I passed the Documentum Fundamentals Certification Exam ... I referred Pawan's book. It's [a] really nice book and it helped me a lot for preparation of this exam. I would like to thank Pawan. ..." - Pravin

"... I must tell you that studying for E20-120 is much easier because of your book ." - Manasi

"I cleared the E20:120 Exam with a passing score of 88%. ... Pawan has really done wonderful job with his book. Thanks Pawan." -Sam
"Cleared the exam with 93%! Many thanks to Pawan for the useful study guide for the test prep." - Raghu

"I took the exam today and passed.  ... the DCTM CM Foundation exam book for packt publishing's great by the way and really helped me a lot!!!" - mIc

"Passed the E20-120 exam with 93% ... Many thanks to Pawan for coming up with the wonderful study guide." - Sumit


"I passed E20-120 with 85%; Pawan's guide was really instrumental in achieving this success. dm_cram and EMC test exam too were very helpful ... but I guess Pawan's book is the best choice considering all aspects." - Amit Varshney


"I have passed e20-120 and Pawan's guide was an extra-ordinary help in the process." - mlnsri


"I passed E20-120 Exam yesterday with 88% marks ... who are preparing for the exam should and must go through Pawan's book. Pawan, Thanks a lot for writing such an amazing book with simple and easy to understand language. It really helped to prepare well." - Sharmili Vipparthy


"I passed E20-120 today with 87%. Pawan your book really made life easy. The questions at the end of chapters and practise tests helped me a lot to identify my bottleneck areas. I will really recommend this book for people who are going to take the exam." - Silverdreamer 


"I passed E20-120 with 92%; your guide really helped me a lot" - Siva 


"I took the certification yesterday and have got 93 % score. Your book and site helped me alot in my preparation." - Kunal 


"The CMF book was helpful for me. I found certain concepts were explained better in the book than the documentum PDF's. All the information in the book was well organized and the practice tests helped a lot. " - fshah1981


"Pawan's book is the best test support material you can get. Just took the test last week and missed only 6 out of 60 questions now I am heading to the systems architecture one, but unfortunatly there is no Pawan's book for that." -  alamihamedane



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Alicia   |Registered |2010-11-11 10:29:38
I am taking the Documentum System Architecture Certification tomorrow - does
anybody know the score to pass the exam?

P K   |Manager |2010-11-11 15:20:38
avatar Alicia,

The best place to post this question is in the forums where you are
more likely to get a response. Good luck with the exam.

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