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  • E20-485: CM Application Architecture
  • E20-475: CM Systems Architecture
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EMC Proven Professional (Content Management)

The following Documentum certification exams are available:

  • E20-120: Content Management Foundations (Associate-level)
  • E20-405: Content Management Server Programming (Specialist-level)
  • E20-455: Content Management Web Application Programming (Specialist-level)
  • E20-465: Content Management System Administration (Specialist-level)
  • E20-475: Content Management Systems Architecture (Specialist-level)
  • E20-485: Content Management Application Architecture (Specialist-level)
EMC Documentum Training and Practice Tests

EMC training and practice tests are available for E20-120, E20-405, E20-455, E20-465, E20-475, and E20-485.


Exam Retake Policy (for all EMC exams)
If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, you may retake the exam at any time. If you do not pass an exam on your second attempt, you must wait at least 2 weeks (14 days) between each additional attempt.  A passed exam may be retaken after 3 months. The complete guidelines are available here.


Scheduling a Test
Go to the Pearson Vue site to schedule an exam.



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Uwe Pope   |Registered |2009-05-01 14:58:58
Please, please, please add some Test questions for System Administration, like
you have done it for Fundamentals. The questions for Fundamentals are very
Sander Hendriks  - E20-485 is missing   |Registered |2009-05-20 18:52:27

I just noticed that E20-485 Content Management Application Architecture is
missing. Please add it to the list.
P K  - Page updated   |Manager |2009-06-03 15:54:49
avatar Thanks for the update. The exam has now been added to the page.
Mars   |Registered |2009-11-09 23:53:37
Where can I see which exam is based on upto which version of Documentum? Now, it
is very difficult to study for the exam since I am not sure the exam would be
based on 5.3 or 6.0 or 6.5... they have quite a big difference architecture and
tools wise.. i don't want to fail my certification just because i assumed the
test to be on version 6.0 while it was on 5.3... any pointers please...?
P K   |Manager |2009-11-10 00:38:39
avatar Yes, your concern is valid. The exams are supposed to be based on the
"current" version when the exam was updated. Even then there is an
overlap - you really need to check the currently published exam syllabus. You
can also look at the topics in the recommended training course.

On the other
hand, a large part of the 5.3 fundamentals still applies without change. If you
know those fundamentals well and you cover the new topics listed in the exam
syllabus you would do well. Use the forum to look at other posts with similar
concerns and then ask the questions that are not already answered there. Your
best help would probably come from people who have recently taken the tests.
shakti  - Price   |Registered |2010-04-25 19:41:47
Can anybody help me to find the actual indian price for these papers?
P K   |Manager |2010-04-26 04:27:12
avatar The best way to get an answer is to ask this question in the discussion forum.
Chetan Singh Thakur  - Planning for SysAdmoin Specialist   |Registered |2010-12-11 09:51:12
Hi ,

i am planning for Content Management System Administration (E20-465), and
would like to know about the resources available for training. I do not wish to
go for EMC training for this as its too expensive.

Any input is

Thanks & Regards,

Chetan Singh
P K   |Manager |2010-12-12 16:45:42
avatar Please post your question on the discussion forum where more readers can see it.
Inforamticien  - Hi Pawan please add test releated to xCP   |Registered |2011-09-22 09:41:57
avatar Hi Pawan , dmCram provides very great resources to clear or address
Certification exam ,
Pawan i had cleared my E20-120 exam and i am looking
forward to appear for xCP certification exam , As i am working on xCP.
forwards to have some material and practice tests from you.
Administrator   |SAdministrator |2011-09-24 03:50:13
avatar Hi,

Our focus has been the fundamentals exam. However, you are welcome to
contribute preparation information for other exams, and we can add sections for
other exams.
Sanjay   |Registered |2011-11-05 06:07:42

I want to appear E20-475 exam, where can i get ebooks or study materials

P K   |Manager |2011-11-09 03:24:49
avatar Please try posting your question in the discussion forum.
Vamsi Krishna  - How to start my career in Documentum   |Registered |2012-04-02 15:28:13
Dear All,

I am new to this blog and new to documentum as well.

I am working as
a Sr. Programmer Analyst and having 5+ Years experience in Java/J2EE and want to
start my career in documentum hence joined in this website.

Can any one please
guide me on
1. How to start my career in documentum
2. Is my decision correct
to move into this
3. Which books I need to refer as a beginner (e-books / Hard
4. Is there any training courses available online / class-based
5. Is
certification necessary to get a Job
6. How to get practiced on
any downloadable software available to practice.

Appreciate your guidance.
P K   |Manager |2012-04-04 00:52:33
avatar You can download Documentum developer edition here -

You may need to register. You may also
find useful documentation there.

Content Management is a good area to work in.
It will be helpful if you build your skills in at least one other ECM product
along with Documentum.

In terms of resources, you can use the fundamentals
book linked from the home page. For most of advanced stuff, you will need to
refer to the product documentation.

If you have strong Documentum skills and
if you are willing to travel, you should be able to find work.

Good luck with
your efforts.
Vamsi Krishna   |Registered |2012-04-05 16:18:45
Thanks for the info PK.

Which will be the better another ECM product along with
Documentum as per your idea.
P K   |Manager |2012-04-07 16:59:12
avatar Alfresco is the open-source alternative. It is similar to Documentum from the
technologies perspective (Java).

Sharepoint apparently has more job
opportunities. It may be easier if you have a background with Microsoft
Javier Fernández Gómez   | |2012-07-20 12:06:27
I am working as a System Administrator and I want to pass the E20-120 and
E20-465 exams. Is it necessary to be partner of EMC to buy an exam voucher or
can I take the exam on my own risk?

Thank you in advance,
P K   |Manager |2012-07-24 17:48:59
avatar You can take the test as an individual.
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