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All Practice Tests Updated for D6.5

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Great news! All practice tests other than DocApps (which only applies to pre 6.x versions) have been updated for Documentum 6.5. New questions are also being added. The updated tests are clearly marked with 6.5. You will also see that each question will show a unique code, which will facilitate discussion and issue reporting.

Some users have asked if version 6.5 is used for E20-120. The fact is that there is not a significant difference between the two versions from the fundamentals perspective.  Check it out! You can help improve the quality of these questions by providing feedback.
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Naresh   |Registered |2008-09-12 13:27:39
Naresh   |Registered |2008-09-13 09:47:23
kranthi   |Registered |2009-10-15 07:58:52
avatar questions are reallly helpfull. But these questions will be appearing in the
actual test ?
P K   |Manager |2009-10-15 14:43:54
avatar We are not affiliated with EMC so we make no claims about the actual test. The
purpose of dm_cram is to help people learn so that they can tackle questions
based on these topics.
Gautham Reddy  - what is the pass % for E20-120 exam   |Registered |2009-11-02 15:34:31
what is the pass % for E20-120 exam
udayadasari   |Registered |2012-03-15 07:18:29
71% .There are 66 questions in total.
P K   |Manager |2009-11-02 17:28:34
avatar Please check the discussion forums. This question has been asked several times
Sandeep Kumar  - E10-110   |Registered |2013-09-06 15:24:05
Hi Pavan,

3months back, I bought ebook 'Documentum Foundations by Pawan
Kumar'. But I came to know E20-120 was replaced by E10-110 exam,

exam includes the topics about xCP, MyDocumentumFamily, Process Builder

Any thoughts on next edition release...
P K   |Manager |2013-09-16 05:39:50
avatar Looks like they have added xCP and D2 explicitly and updated their training
courses accordingly. The information present in the current book is still valid.
However, additional material will need to be referenced for the additional
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