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E20-120 Exam Revised for D6.6

The E20-120 Content Management Foundations Exam has been updated since September 2, 2011. The following topics are being included in the updated exam:


1. CenterStage search features
2. Queues
3. Configuration of workflow reports and dashboards
4. Business Activity Monitor (BAM)
5. TaskSpace
6. Process Reporting Services (PRS)
7. Integrating workflows with external systems
8. High-Volume Server (HVS)
9. Lightweight SysObjects (LWSO)


Among these new topics, only Lightweight SysObjects are discussed adequately in the book Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations . The exam candidates who are using this book for preparation will need to use reference documentation or other resources for learning the topics 1-8 listed above.

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Natarajan   |Registered |2011-12-22 12:19:38
Do you have plan to update the book or any other means with the left over
P K   |Manager |2011-12-23 21:49:23
avatar These topics will likely be included in the next edition of the book, However, I
don't have an expected date for the next edition at the moment.
Tuan Tran   |Registered |2012-03-01 09:02:34
I have just started learning this and don't have much experiences on Documentum.
I just have "Pawan" book. Anyone can help me about the resources for
part 1-8 mentioned above ?
P K   |Manager |2012-03-02 00:10:36
avatar The reference documentation can be obtained from Powerlink (
You will need to register on the site first.
Amol Kamalakar Kshirsagar   |Registered |2012-09-23 15:03:47
Hi Pawan ,

Is the material given on powerlink sufficient
enough to cater to the certification needs?

Amol Kshirsagar
P K   |Manager |2012-09-27 14:27:02
avatar The key documents that you could use for the additional topics are:
1. xCP
Sample Application Tutorial
2. xCP Best Practices Guide
3. CenterStage Overview
4. CenterStage Best Practices Guide
5. Content Server Fundamentals

documents on the same topics can also provide helpful information.
Tuan Tran   |Registered |2012-03-02 03:11:58
Thank PK for your support ! you have done a great job, hope that we will get
v6.6 soon ^^!
JDS   |Registered |2012-03-19 23:03:38
I'm having trouble getting full access to because I'm not
currently employed by a emc company until I pass this test. I have the
Documentum 6.5 Content Management foundations book but is there anywhere else I
can learn about these 8 topics. Most specifically TaskSpace and CenterStage??
Any resources would be helpful thanks!
Amol Kamalakar Kshirsagar   |Registered |2012-09-23 15:00:31

Have you got any books or reference material apart from
the reference material on Powerlink? I am talking about the material for those 8
extra topics.

If yes kindly help me out with the relevant links or
pdfs.I am planning togive my E20-120 soon.

Thanks ,
Amol Kshirsagar
gurleen Dhillon   |Registered |2013-06-25 06:44:34
Hi im very new to this technology how do i get started wid some hands on onthe
same if anyone can tell me how to go about it.i need to practise hands on i
guess what im asking ofr is how to guide of installing softwares n ol needed for
it from the scratch
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