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Reader Reviews - Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations

Several readers have shared their opinions about the book - Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations, in the discussion forums and other places. These comments have been collected here for easy access. Edits, if any, are demarcated with [ ]. Click on any category to see the comments within.

"If you are looking to get started in Documentum or are preparing to take E20-120 exam (Documentum Content Management Foundations), I highly recommend Pawan Kumar‘s 2nd edition of 'Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations'" - Johnny Gee

"Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations book brings all the concepts of Documentum in into a cohesive whole. ...I think the book will be very useful to those who are starting on Documentum.   Typically, for beginners, Documentum product documentation is too detailed and dry to clearly understand the concepts.   This is where the book excels.   It covers all the concepts of Documentum with the right amount of emphasis on key concepts like Doctypes, Security, etc." - Ram Kola

"For road warriors being thrown into the fray on a Documentum project for the first time this would be the first and only book I would recommend to get started. One last point – don’t assume that just because 6.6 is out that you should wait for the next update. I could not easily identify details that are no longer valid save one reference to a now defunct forum. This edition is great resource." - Lee Dallas

"I think this book could have been sub titled – 'What I wish I’d learned about Documentum five years ago'. One of my co-workers said that to me and ordered a few copies for the office. For a company that has been in the Documentum practice since 1996 I think that is a huge testimonial to the usefulness of the book for those new to Documentum beyond simply prepping for the E20-120 exam." - TSG

"This book is perfect choice for candidate who wants to start career in Documentum.It covers fundamentals along with advanced notes" - Deepak Shivnani

"If you are looking to specialize in a technology and differentiate yourself from hundreds of other knowledge workers, this book can you help you on your first step to becoming certified on the EMC Documentum platform." - Jason Campbell

"I finally took the Content Management Foundations Exam (E20-120) and officially entered the certified professional world with a more than acceptable 90%. ... I would like to thank Pawan Kumar for his great book on the topic. It has been of great help." - Gutizar


"Thank You for the best book and best web site. I have cleared the E20-120 exam with 93% score." - Sree

"When I first opened it, I thought that it looked very much like the Content Server Fundamentals guide but I quickly realized it contained many details only found by also studying the full suite of EMC documentation on Documentum. Mr. Kumar did a very nice job of blending together information from manuals, white papers, and his own experience into a book I am happy to have sitting on my desk for easy referencing." - C. Adcock

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