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D6.5 Book Giveaway contest winner!

[Congratulations to Deepak Shivnani for winning the D6.5 Book Giveaway contest! Deepak, happy reading and thanks for being a part of the dm_cram community.]


Now you have a chance to win a copy of the new D6.5 book !

The winner will get a print copy or an electronic copy of the book. Print copy will be available in US and Europe only.


The selection of the winner and the decision on the format of the copy (print or electronic) will solely be at the discretion of the dm_cram staff. Users affiliated with dm_cram or its staff are not eligible for this contest.


Whether you are a candidate for the E20-120 certificate, a practitioner looking for a handy up-to-date reference, or a beginner looking to learn Documentum this book can serve you in many ways. In order to win a copy of the book all you have to do is to participate in the dm_cram discussion forums over the month of June 2010. You can share tips, ask questions, or answer questions. On July 1, 2010 one winner will be announced here.
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Lenin   | |2010-06-03 00:16:09
Good to know new v6.5 release available and covering presets,composer. Is this
book covers about new Java Method Server info,remove dmcl.ini and use, etc means specific to v6.5 configurations.

Thank you.
P K   |Manager |2010-06-03 00:24:04
avatar Yes, the book covers these areas but not in a lot of detail. This book deals
with the technical fundamentals but does not go into details of installation,
infrastructure configuration, etc.
Marcel Grootscholten   | |2010-06-10 17:57:58
I bought the previous book to prepare myself for the E20-120 certificate
(dctm5.3 style) and passed quite easily. But I should add that I already had a
lot of Documentum experience. I just read the book to get an idea on where the
focus of the exam would be. And for that purpuse the book is excelent.
from a few slight errors the information is accurate. The used language reveals
the the writer is not a native English speaker. It's not that it contains
errors, but I miss the elegance I often find in other English books. (and not
being a native speaker myself, this should be even more noticable to the
The information is a bit superficial at times. But on the other hand,
some subjects are explained in more detail than I ever needed on the job. (for
example the way how aliases are resolved in a work flow under different
All in all, I would recomend the book to anyone who wants to
pass that exam, ...
Tapas   |Registered |2010-07-01 23:50:46
Yes, Its good to hear that 6.5 version book is available. I have the older
version of this book.But i would like to add few lines here.Like.
1. The docApp
got removed, No idea composer got added or not, If not would be great to add
few basic operations using composer that will be great(like object(ACL creation,
creation and installation of DAR.

2. This book main objective is for E20-120
certification ,But if we can add overal basic concept like How the sessions are
created, what happens during execution of the dfc dfc code IDfClient client =
clientx.getLocalClient(); some basic samples. That will really add a gud
3. If we can add few more practice sets to the book will help

Ramana   |Registered |2012-06-17 03:22:57
i would like to see the book with latest updated version of the exam E20-120. I
bought old book excellent for doumentum fundamentals, I hope we will see with
latest updated version for the exam
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