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Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations
D6.5 Book
D6.5 Book
Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations
Master Documentum Fundamentals and Ace the E20-120 Exam

Key features of the book include
  • Technical foundations of the Documentum platform
  • Up-to-date information on version 6.5 SP2 including presets, aspects, new Webtop interface, lightweight types, Composer, and DFS
  • Over 400 practice questions including three practice tests
  • Over 200 illustrations and many more examples from a real-life business scenario

Book Reviews


The book is available now. List price of the book is $59.99 for print and $47.99 for the electronic copy. Discounts of 10% rint copy) and 15% (electronic copy) are available through the publisher site. The Table of Contents and a sample chapter - "Objects and Types", are also available on the publisher page for the book. The sample chapter should give you  a good feel for the writing style and contents of the book.


If you are looking for the previous edition (for version 5.3), it can be found here .


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Oktay Yunus   |Registered |2010-05-27 16:27:53
Hi all,

You know Technical Foundations Education has been changed about a
moth ago, there is 22 chapter on new one, and also some additonal chapters such
as Documentum Projects and Alias Sets or, Workflow Templates which is seperate
from Workflow Chapter, will this book reflect these changes ? Can you send Table
of Contents, thanks in advance
P K   |Manager |2010-05-27 16:36:18
avatar Yunus,

Yes, the book covers all of these topics. Irrespective of the chapter
structure, all of these topics are covered in the new book.

The TOC, sample
chapter download, and an article based on another chapter will become available
on the publisher's site, probably during next week.

I will update this article
with the latest as new information becomes available.

Deepak Shivnani  - Excellent for Beginners   |Author |2010-07-11 04:17:46
This book is perfect choice for candidate who wants to start career in
Documentum.It covers fundamentals along with advanced notes for each and every
topic in Documentum.Pawan has very nicely explained all topics with
techniques such as Venn diagram and checkpoints at the end of each
chapter.He has also provided useful DQL queries in each and every chapter which
can be used while building documentum applications.

This books is not only for
fresher but also for experienced personnel who wants to learns advanced topics
in Documentum 6.5 such as Composer,Presets,Aspects etc.

I would like to ask
Pawan if with his great presentation skills if he can give explain basic DFC and
WDK in this book with examples that will be added bonus for novice or beginners
in the subject.

I would recommend this book for good and through understanding
of the subject and executing projects with ease and

P K   |Manager |2010-07-11 07:33:11
avatar Deepak,

Thanks for your comments. DFC and WDK details have been left out
intentionally. Programming details are not in scope for this book.

sant   |Registered |2010-11-09 17:08:31
Hello Pawan,
is this book the latest version to practice for E20-120. My
ultimate goal is to get EMC certified developer. So do i need to cleat E20-120
to eligible for developer certification. do you have any book that covers webtop
customization, TBO, SBO and DFC. please let me know.

P K   |Manager |2010-11-09 20:46:21
avatar Yes, this is the latest book for E20-120. I am not aware of other books on the
development topics that you mention. You will need to rely on reference material
for those topics.

Good luck,
Jaydeep   |Registered |2011-04-20 05:53:09
to clear E20-120, do i need to buy this new book or the old book still valid and
can be used to clear the exam? I see there is a huge difference in number of
pages and and of course cost than the previous one. please advice.
P K   |Manager |2011-04-20 14:25:18
avatar Jaydeep,

The old book may still cover 60-70% of the new syllabus. I would
recommend not to rely on that alone though. You can check the forum posts to see
what you will need in addition to the old book.

The new book has the same
price tag as the old one. The publisher is offering a 10% discount currently.
You can click on the book cover image in the post above. Make sure you choose
Book when you are on the publisher page. By default, it shows the Book+eBook

Good luck,
Pramod Kumar   |Registered |2011-09-15 23:57:55
good for Knowledge
and certification Exam.
pradeep   |Registered |2013-01-02 07:30:13
Superb book, i cleared with 98%.... Thanks a ton Pawan
P K   |Manager |2013-01-02 14:39:08
avatar Congratulations! That's amazing given that several topics have been added after
the publication of the book.
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