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Event inheritance
Events are also inherited from supertypes, just the way properties are.
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New Prep Resources Coming to dm_cram
Ever since the E20-120 exam was updated to include new topics, we have received a stream of questions about the preparation approach for these topics. In the coming weeks, new tips and practice material will be added to the site to cover the new topics. Hopefully, these resources will augment whatever you are using to learn and prepare for these topics.

Please check the discussion forums for ongoing updates. 
E20-120 Exam Revised for D6.6

The E20-120 Content Management Foundations Exam has been updated since September 2, 2011. The following topics are being included in the updated exam:


1. CenterStage search features
2. Queues
3. Configuration of workflow reports and dashboards
4. Business Activity Monitor (BAM)
5. TaskSpace
6. Process Reporting Services (PRS)
7. Integrating workflows with external systems
8. High-Volume Server (HVS)
9. Lightweight SysObjects (LWSO)


Among these new topics, only Lightweight SysObjects are discussed adequately in the book Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations . The exam candidates who are using this book for preparation will need to use reference documentation or other resources for learning the topics 1-8 listed above.

Discounts for D6.5 Book
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